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About Us

Stand-up, Scottsdale! Comedy Club is the valley’s only locally owned, nationally known, full-service comedy club!
In our main room, you’ll see the stars of Comedy Central & The Late Night Talk Show circuit ($10 – $15).

In our Taffy Room, inspired by America’s love of Taffy (it’s funny), you’ll see the best in rising local talent, headlined by rising national talent. ($8 -$10).

We’re the only club that offers a money back guarantee (just buy your tickets on-line, stay for the show, then talk to a manager and make the request);
the only club that doesn’t require a two-item/drink minimum (but if you’re the kind of person who goes out and doesn’t buy anything, we’re probably not the club for you, as the comedians are trained to sniff-out the weirdos); Our food & beverage is reasonably priced and we appreciate your reasonable and responsible patronage–it keeps us in business;-)
and, we don’t have any fees!

If you like your comedy to be original and relevant, with a point of view, we are your club!
If you like adults dancing, making comedy balloon animals, and wasting your time with base, hacky, expected jokes, go down the street-we are not your club!

There are lots of comedy clubs in the valley; none like us!
We respect your time (although we can often start the second show 15 minutes late; if you’re weird about time on a Friday or Saturday night, you may want to look at that), your choice to spend it here, as well as, your money, and if we ever let you down, please let me know.

Howard Hughes II
Stand-Up, Scottsdale! Comedy Club

Disclaimer: None of the images/representations made on this site confer any agreement/partnership with Jon Taffer or Bar Rescue. They did come here; they did create a mess; we have overcome. Ask Howard for a tour and the story; he loves telling it. He may tell it to you anyway. Don’t make eye-contact with him ;-)